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Honk for Jesus BBQ Online Ordering

You can order online! Browse our menu items and choose what you’d like to order from us. All orders are Pre-Orders. Pick Up is only available August 24th 2024 at 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Pre-Orders end August 11th at 11:59 PM

Accepting Orders

Delivery fee -

Min. order - $20.00

Free delivery above



Pickup time: up to 30 minutes

Pickup Address: 401 West Saint Charles Road, Lombard, IL, USA

Side Dishes

Tasty side dishes great to enhance your meal


8 oz of Tangy, savory, goodness packed in GCWC's famous baked beans that are a great addition to your meal or by themselves.


Baked Beans

Image of Baked Beans


A classic barbecue side dish that will keep you wanting more.



Image of Spaghetti


No barbecue meal is complete with out an extra scoop of classic potato salad.


Potato Salad

Image of Potato Salad


Choose from your favorite meats paired with 2 of your favorite sides and a side salad.


4 PCs of BBQ Chicken (leg, thigh, wing, and breast) along with two sides of your choice.


BBQ Chicken Dinner

Image of BBQ Chicken Dinner


5 PCs of BBQ Grilled Rib Bones with your choice of two sides,


BBQ Rib Dinner

Image of BBQ Rib Dinner


4 Pcs Grilled Hot Links with your choice of two sides.


Hot Link Dinner

Image of Hot Link Dinner


2 BBQ Hot Dogs with your choice of two sides


Kids Hot Dog Meal

Image of Kids Hot Dog Meal


Our desserts are made in house by our Congregation


Get yourself a slice of Cake made special by GCWC


Cake Slice

Image of Cake Slice


Nothing beats fresh Banana Pudding! Don't forget to grab yours.


Banana Pudding

Image of Banana Pudding




Bottle of Water

Image of Bottle of Water


Your choice of soda that will be picked out on day of pick up.


Can of Pop

Image of Can of Pop

Honk For Jesus BBQ Menu

All dinners are 𝐏𝐫𝐞-𝐎𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲. Pick up date is August 24th, 2024 from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Pre-Orders Ends August 11th at 11:59 PM

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